5 Zendesk Features that Can Convince You to Use it for Your Business

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Have your business just adopted the Work From Home (WFH) mode of operation post-COVID-19? If yes, then, for your employees, fulfilling the goal of customer satisfaction may have become somewhat more challenging than before. This is regardless of small or big customer base.

Keeping your customers satisfied is essential for holistic success and the service of customer support contributes significantly to it. To ensure the desired pace of business growth even in tough times, you need a revived strategy for supporting your remote customers in every possible way.

Does coming up with this strategy seem tough? It may be so if you have confined your communication to conventional means such as phone calls and e-mails. This is because they are not comprehensive enough to handle thousands of customers per hour.

You may say that there is a good ticket system running on your website to listen to the voice of your customers and take satisfactory actions accordingly. However, are you able to process those several tickets efficiently, especially when there are just two or three agents chosen for this task? How do you maintain consistency and efficiency especially if they are working remotely? You may be facing glitches and delays too.

So, what’s the solution? How about finding an integrated CRM solution such as Zendesk?


Overview of Zendesk:

Most businesses are in darkness when it is the matter of enhancing customer experience. A couple of them rely on the traditional CRM platforms that are confined to providing only a single-dimensional view of customers.

This is something that Zendesk breaks by introducing a new approach. Its novel CRM platform provides a full view of your customers using any data from anywhere. It is agile enough to allow you to introduce innovation and scalability.

It replaces legacy CRM with people to form the core of your business. With it, you can recognize, comprehend, and split your customers to deliver more tailored experiences.

This modern CRM is an open platform that can coordinate with any business applications to capture every interaction with the customers no matter where it is from. You can share valuable data of your customers to any or all branches or departments of your business and develop something beyond conventional support.


Beneficial Zendesk Features?

The Zendesk CRM is unique as it revolutionizes the way customer data in different forms, such as queries and feedback, is collected, processed, and handled. The credit goes to its cloud-based dynamic platform for customer support offering a myriad of features to ensure smooth customer service.


Instant Self-Help Center for Customers

How about giving your customers an auto-response to what they are looking for on your website? Sounds interesting, right? Well, this is what the self-help center of this CRM provides.

This center allows your customers to easily obtain information by themselves, which consequently reduces the work of the support team. Enabling your customers to find the right information or solution to their query or problem can help you boost customer satisfaction and productivity of the customer support staff while bringing down the operational costs.

Through this utility, you can organize knowledge such that it reduces the number of tickets and allows for instant content updates based on AI suggestions while empowering both your agents and customers using the latest information.


Scalable Ticketing System

Customers tend to use different channels to interact with companies. Regardless of the channel they choose, it is essential to deliver a flawless experience.

Keeping this in mind, Zendesk’s ticketing system work by collecting all customer requests from different channels and allows handling them centrally. This means you can connect with your customers via different channels without compromising contact quality or context.

Up to 500 agents can use this system so that it becomes possible to handle hundreds of tickets per hour.



Customers like such self-service because it is convenient and quick in giving responses. This why a well-tuned knowledgebase contributes significantly to your strategy for enhancing customer experience.

The know-how of each employee in the company can be used to develop a knowledgebase that plays a vital role in the overall company’s growth. With the knowledgebase utility of Zendesk, you can easily create, share, and organize the content easily and measure which content is attracting more customers.

This knowledge management software acts as an internal, support agent-only, IT, or customer-oriented FAQ tool. As it is always present, support agents and customers can rely on the self-service portal to find the required information.

This software is fully equipped with utilities such as AI and ML bots, full-text search, content management, SEO, forums, analytics, and customization.


AI Bots

This is an excellent way to make artificial intelligence work for customer support. An answer bot can support customers with extra intelligence.

It can answer commonly asked questions and recognize when to introduce an agent. This saves much time of the agents, as they no longer need to give the same answer repeatedly for the same questions.

You can induce one such bot in each support channel such as messaging, live chat, and e-mail. This provides you a chance to support an increasing number of customers.


Reporting and Analytics

Zendesk offers a reporting and analysis tool to use analytics and data for gauging and boosting the overall customer experience. Data, regardless in any form including charts, can be daunting if not processed well.

However, Zendesk collects and processes this data easily so that comprehending the data of your customer service is a breeze. Through its reporting and analytics tool, you get quick access to customer insights.

It integrates both historical and real-time data from every customer support channel including social media platforms after which you can gauge the interaction with your brand. It shows pre-built, customizable dashboards per channel and allows sharing them along with reports with the team members and stakeholders.

Internal Helpdesk for Employees

When you care for employees, they work hard for your company in return. Offering your support team needed resources and tools can reduce their workload and ease things for them at work. Zendesk also offers an internal help desk for letting employees help themselves. With an internal help desk, your employees can easily find whatever they need, whenever they need it. It incorporates self-service knowledge-base, omnichannel support, and a lot more to simplify work for employees.

Community Forums

Customer feedback is essential for any business growth, but what’s more important is when two or more customers talk about your brand on social media and web forums. Zendesk offers you a community management feature to promote conversations between your customers while making space for your brand. With community forums, you can collect feedback and
crowdsource ideas.

Communication Options

Communication is the key to solve customer issues. The more effective and seamless the conversion is, the better you can help customers. Zendesk offers great communication flexibility through different options, like live chat, messaging, and voice support.

Analytics Tools

Zendesk comes with excellent analytics features to help you improve your customer support operations. It offers more than 20 template reports and dashboards for analytics purposes. It lets you benchmark your customer satisfaction ratings and support team performance. Also, it helps you quickly identify response times and trouble spots so you can fix them seamlessly.

Benefits of a Zendesk Integration for Your Business

By Integrating Zendesk with your business, you can experience a range of benefits:

Improved Productivity

It is difficult to manage several things at a time while solving your customer issues. There couldn’t be meaningful conversions if you are recording the notes while also calling a customer. If your support team is handling multiple tasks at a time, a decrease in their productivity is sure to follow. When you integrate Zendesk to your customer support operations, things get way easier and quicker.

For instance, by integrating Zendesk with your cloud-based phone system, the support team members can easily manage the customer’s calls and queries. If the call matches the contact added to Zendesk, it will be connected automatically. Also, the self-help desk feature reduces most customer queries as they could find the solutions on their own. Overall, Zendesk automates several tasks for your support team, which in turn increases their productivity.



These Zendesk features effectively aid in boosting productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. So, are you convinced to use it for your business?

Reach out to us today to learn how we can make Zendesk hum for your business.

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