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Jira Core

Project and task management for business teams of all kinds: Jira Core from the software vendor Atlassian is a web-based program for planning, managing and tracking projects and tasks for business teams who want to collaborate easily and effectively.

Jira Core is a web-based program for planning, managing and tracking projects and tasks for business teams who want to collaborate easily and effectively, without the hassles of email, spreadsheets or document sharing. Jira Core is available for purchase through your Atlassian Marketplace account.

Key Features Include Atlassian  Jira Core:

  • Work on your initiatives from anywhere, anytime
  • Collaborate with your team on projects, tickets, issues, boards, and more
  • Keep everyone updated on progress, with email notifications, RSS feeds, and more
  • See what your team is working on in real-time
  • Get instant insight into project status, with powerful search and reporting

With customizable workflows, business processes such as personnel management, operational and legal procedures, finance, HR or marketing can be mapped easily and clearly. Jira Core acts as a central point for daily collaboration, where all project information such as comments, files or due dates are collected and stored.

This way no important information is lost. All team members are always up to date and can work together more productively. Jira Core also forms the basis for the two Jira applications Jira Service Desk and Jira Software from Atlassian and is therefore included in both applications, including all functionalities.

Business templates:

In Jira Core the user has three business templates for projects at his disposal: Task, project and process management.

Examples of use:

  • Task management: To-do’s
  • Project management: Marketing campaigns, HR on-boarding
  • Process management: Purchasing processes, document management

Customizable Workflows:

If required, the three project templates can be further customized using the flexible workflow engine of Jira Core.


All business-relevant processes are presented transparently and clearly and can be tracked. For example, at any time it is possible to see which task/project each team member is currently working on and which status (e.g. new, open, in progress, closed) the task or project currently has.


Using the “@mentions” function, colleagues can, for example, be notified directly and directly addressed in case of questions or feedback. Tasks can also be assigned or passed on to the responsible employee via @mentions.

Reports & Dashboards:

Various display options for reports and dashboards support project control and evaluation and help to optimize workflows.

JQL Search & Filter:

A powerful smart query function is available for search queries, which can be refined using JQL (Jira Query Language). Standardized search queries can be combined in filters and saved. Some ready-made, “prominent” filters are also already available in the project overview.

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