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Jira Service Management

Why need Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management enables your teams to deliver end-to-end value at high speed through a modern ITSM platform. Teams can thus quickly deliver added value and work together openly and collaboratively by integrating different tools.

Designed for ITSM teams

Jira Service Management (JSM) helps your ITSM teams intelligently manage and administer all the work an IT department has to do through ticket categories such as Incident Management, Change Management, Service Requests and Problem Reporting.

Incident management in the intelligent way

By integrating key functionality from Opsgenie, Jira Service provides a centralized incident management tool. With JSM you can

  • Use the full range of options for incident alerting and on-call management
  • Create a central tool for collaboration and communication in the event of major incidents
  • in case of a completed incident, a reporting and export to Confluence for documentation
  • enable escalation in the event of business-critical incidents

Sustainable and rapid change management for DevOps

Jira Service Management creates transparent workflows for change management in the area of DevOps. By integrating tools such as bitbucket piplines, JSM enables automatic change requests for continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD). Requirements can be provided and controlled directly in JSM. In addition, a risk assessment helps to prioritise requests.

Teams can work more effectively across the entire IT service lifecycle – from planning, to building, testing, deploying, changing and optimizing. All this so that you can offer your customers the best possible service.

Individual adjustments and scaling for each team

Whether IT team, HR department or controlling – each team has the possibility to quickly set up a service desk as a project and adapt it to the respective requirements. Jira Service Management thus delivers a fast and smart service experience for agents and for their customers.

Intuitive user interface

Colleagues or customers expect fast, understandable and uncomplicated support for service requests. Jira Service Management is intuitively usable due to its clear structure and guides you to the right assistance with just a few clicks.

Powerful SLA support

As soon as a request arrives in the queue, Jira Service Management automatically applies the targets of the SLA (Service Level Agreement), i.e. SLA priorities are displayed for all to see in the queues and problem details. These rule-based automations create clarity of SLA details for the processor from the service team and thus security in customer support. In addition, progressive SLA metrics such as start, pause and stop criteria can be defined.

Real-time reporting

With the help of Jira Service Management, the work done and the progress of the service team can be visualized – in real time. The resulting graphics show trends and bottlenecks. This function can also be applied retrospectively over a longer period of time, illustrating positive or negative developments – a good chance to further improve team efficiency.

Self-Service Helpdesk with Confluence

Questions can also be answered by integrating the company’s internal knowledge database Confluence into Jira Service Management without the involvement of a service employee. This self-service desk for inquiries is based on Confluence’s intelligent search function. The colleague or customer can thus quickly find the right answer and support for an inquiry. For incident management, the connection to Confluence can also be used as documentation of processed, completed incidents.

Free of charge for customers

Jira Service Management is licensed based on the number of agents using the application. The number of customers for whom Jira Service Management is provided is not relevant – because it is free of charge for them.

Jira Service Management is available for the cloud in Free, Standard and Premium versions. The Enterprise version will also be released shortly. The functionality of Jira Service Management can be extended and customized with over 1,000 apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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