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Opsgenie is a modern incident management platform with which problems/incidents can be quickly reacted to. If faults occur in a running IT system, Opsgenie notifies those responsible with a warning message. The Atlassian application also takes into account the working hours or absences of the IT teams concerned, as well as the different time zones worldwide.

With Opsgenie, full control is maintained during an incident – critical incidents can no longer be missed! Plus, Opsgenie integrates with hundreds of best-in-class monitoring, workflow and collaboration tools. When combined with a flexible control engine, Opsgenie also notifies the appropriate people so they can respond quickly.

Actionable and reliable reporting

Never miss a critical warning with Opsgenie: Opsgenie automatically categorizes incoming warnings (incident) according to importance and deadline. Through comprehensive integration with monitoring, ticketing and chat tools, those responsible are immediately notified via multiple communication channels, either by voice calls, e-mail, SMS or push messages to mobile phones. Opsgenie provides all the necessary information: The team is able to react immediately and can start solving the issue.

Push notifications to the smartphone

Apps for iPhone and Android: Opsgenie determines the right people to be notified based on on-call plans – via push messages on iOS and Android and also lets the notifications escalate. The alerts can be easily managed from the mobile phone. In addition to alerts, on-call schedules and notification settings can be displayed and actions can be performed.

Readiness management & analyses

Create or modify on-call schedules with ease: It is possible to create and modify schedules and define escalation rules within a Webointerface. If an alert is not noticed, Opsgenie automatically escalates it to ensure that the alert gets the attention it needs. The team will always know who is on call and responsible during an incident.

Advanced reporting & Analysis

Gain insights and potential for improvement of the standby and alerting processes. For example, Opsgenie can automatically escalate and set up status pages to ensure that everyone is informed about the problem and kept up-to-date. Powerful reports and analysis identify and highlight, for example, the source of most alerts, team involvement in confirmation and resolution, and standby workloads.

Connection with over 200 app and web services

Opsgenie connects to over 200 powerful app and web services. Messages through monitoring tools e.g: Nagios, Icinga etc. and forwarding to services e.g: Statuspage, Jira etc. is possible. Alerts can be synchronized, the workflow can be optimized.

The features at a glance:

  • Categorize each alert message by importance and timing
  • Notification of the responsible persons via several communication channels
  • Ensure that every alert is given the attention it deserves
  • Synchronization of information in all systems
  • Connection with over 200 app and web services
  • Easy to use

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