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Atlassian’s Statuspage creates the greatest possible transparency in the context of customer support. The respective processing status of incidents is made visible to all users and employees. This avoids a flood of tickets in support.

Statuspage makes incident troubleshooting progress transparent and comprehensible to all employees and customers. As a result, a high level of customer trust can be built up. Endless e-mail loops are no longer necessary. Another feature of Statuspage is subscriptions to e-mail and SMS notifications that can be requested for entire systems or individual components. The appearance of these automatic notifications can be easily adapted to the corporate identity via CSS and HTML.

Efficient troubleshooting

Work colleagues and/or customers want to receive the desired support for service requests quickly, comprehensibly and without complications. Statuspage enables this convenience as the only relevant source of information. This eliminates the need for email inquiries, which means that support teams are not unnecessarily disturbed during problem-solving processes and can work more efficiently.

Building customer confidence

Customers appreciate transparency. Once Statuspage is up and running, customers already receive relevant real-time information about failures or planned maintenance messages. Statuspage is thus the tool to turn a difficult situation into a satisfying customer experience.

Public pages for customers

Customers generally appreciate the disclosure of key performance indicators such as uptime and response time. Displaying the status of each core component of a service gives the customer the insight they need.

Private pages for internal employees

When providing services to hundreds or thousands of employees, Statuspage eliminates the need to write mass e-mails to communicate incidents. Give your employees a single source of information and let them decide for themselves which notifications are relevant. Privately switched status page pages can be attached to SSO and the monitoring tools can be automated. Series of status e-mails after system failures are no longer necessary, which saves a lot of time.

Provider-side updates from a secure source

As soon as an external provider downgrades the status or restarts the service, Status Page updates the corresponding page. This means that it is no longer necessary at any time to follow the providers and transfer a status separately into your own system.

Atlassian Statuspage is easy to set up, ready to use in less than 30 minutes and flexible enough for growing teams.

High benefit: Link to status reports from over 150 cloud software vendors

Status messages of the business-critical tools can be made publicly visible via the status page. Statuspage offers the largest and fastest growing network of third-party components for services such as AWS, GoToMeeting and Github.

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