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Work on tasks in a team in a collaborative and efficient manner: Trello from the Australian manufacturer Atlassian contains boards, lists and maps that allow project work to be organized and prioritized in an entertaining, flexible and successful way.

The use of Trello is suitable for teams of all kinds, whether it’s a project, development, support, or marketing team. From the big picture down to the smallest detail, team members get insights into individual projects. The software supports the work of all employees to easily capture, make available implicit knowledge and share this with other colleagues.

Workflow made easy

Tasks can be easily defined via prioritized maps, team members can be informed and the processing status can be tracked. In this way, people involved are informed in real time about the current processing status. Trello cards can also be added to file attachments. The mail traffic is completely eliminated, which leads to high time savings.

Thanks to real-time updates, you see the task from the same perspective as all other team members.

The Trello Board is available in the browser and on mobile devices at any time – even in offline mode. Power-ups allow Trello to organize and manage the most important information from other available applications, such as Jira, Confluence, or Bitbucket.

Visual project management offers advantages


  • Development of an agile workflow that keeps teams up to date
  • Direct troubleshooting to keep appropriate code running
  • Management and maintenance of system-related improvements, architecture and development
  • Track product development and feature requests with stakeholders and product owners


  • Coordinate content creation by internal and external staff seamlessly, in one place, without a single email
  • More transparency in the team and the company
  • Simplify management processes for incoming marketing requests across the enterprise, without email traffic
  • Seamless coordination of cross-team product launches with a single Trello board

Trello boards can be transformed into living applications with information from other favorite tools like Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket.

Product management

  • Prioritize product development and feature requests with stakeholders
  • Management of an agile workflow that gives the team perspectives
  • Replacement of whiteboards with trello boards for more informative and accessible team retrospectives
  • Easily manage cross-functional team projects
  • Create a channel to receive and prioritize feature requests from sales and support for product roadmaps


  • Ensuring prompt error messages, for increased customer satisfaction
  • Share customer expectations with the rest of the team
  • Process creation to change support responsibilities within the team
  • Ensuring more transparency in the team and throughout the company
  • Inspire brand champions and facilitate company-wide swag requests

Human resources

  • Eliminating stress – making the first day at work a success for new employees
  • Dusting off ancient employee manuals for a modern workforce of today
  • Managing the recruiting pipeline from anticipated future requirements to closed positions
  • Candidate management and update of your own team at every step of the interview process with candidates
  • Promotion of team building and a strong corporate culture with a Social Committee Board

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