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DevOps Training

DevOps training Summary

As the jobs of IT professionals to develop, test and deployments have become demanding, DevOps training has emerged as a software development process. DevOps puts more emphasis on communication & collaborations between the development team and operations professionals.

With our DevOps training, it is your turn to get ahead in the business curve with improved collaboration between the development and operations teams. Whether you are just a beginner in DevOps fields or working on a particular DevOps tool, we are sure our training modules will help you get to the next level.

Our course will enable you to learn and master different aspects of software development, operations, continuous development and integration, continuous delivery, testing, automated build and deployment. You will learn different DevOps tools like Jenkins, Git, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, SVN, Maven, Nagios & much more.

  • What will you be learning in DevOps training?

    We keep industry’s needs and latest developments in consideration while creating and training module. Stay assured that you will learn most of the standard DevOps practices and know-how via this training.

    1. In-depth know-how of DevOps methodology
    2. Learning Software Version Control
    3. Using Docker to containerise production code
    4. Using Jenkins for creating CI/CD Pipelines
    5. Puppet & Ansible for Configuration Management
    6. Automating build & testing via Selenium & Maven
    7. Deep understanding of Kubernetes
    8. Nagios performance tuning & monitoring
  • Who should take this training?

    This training session can be taken by:

    • Integration Specialists
    • Application Developers
    • Security Engineers
    • IT Professionals
    • Testing Engineers
    • Solution Architects
  • Prerequisites

    • It is plus to have some prior IT experience
    • Basic knowledge of Linux and shell scripting is good to have

Interested in this training?

    Skills Covered

    Puppet & Ansible
    Docker Swarm

    What our trainees have to say about us

    Nirmala TechLanders

    Padah Software has been a valuable partner for our JIRA implementation. Through multiple plugins and applications, they assisted us with a robust and complicated workflow for the SDLC phases.

    The resources assigned were knowledgeable, highly skilled, flexible, and supportive. They maintained a positive relationship with our stakeholders and smoothly collaborated with our team through different stages of development and testing. The resultant solution was implemented as per our SOP & WI


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