The test automation platform that does
not put testers to test!

Qualitia is one-of-its-kind scriptless test automation platform that’s designed to think like a QA Expert. Empower your functional manual testers, business users and subject matter experts with automation, without learning programming.

HOW WE MAKE IT WORK Key differentiators which enable us to simplify testing.

Mobile Automation

Making mobile manageable. An offering for the era of digitalisation, Qualitia ensures complete mobile automation of Android and iOS platforms.

Continuous Testing

Confidently integrate with your DevOps pipeline for relentless testing to ensure quick turnaround. This process ensures quick error detection, building a sound testing environment.

Web Automation

Testing Web application is now simpler. Automating web based applications for continuous testing is essential and Qualitia platform is right at the helm of this affair.

Execution BOTs

Create unlimited execution Bots and deploy them anywhere in your network. Significantly scale up and fast track your test execution, with the help of Qualitia’s powerful Execution Bots

Web services & Backend Automation

Test fast and test often with Qualitia’s support for web services, files and databases. SOAP or RESTful APIs, xml, txt, Excel, Word, PDF etc.

Parallel Execution

Parallel Execution, Minimizing time. Execute your test cases simultaneously on single or multiple machines – either on premise or on cloud.

Desktop Applications

Automate testing for your all thick client desktop applications, whether those are developed in Java, .NET, VB, Power Builder, ActiveX, SAP etc.

Multi OS & Cross Browser

Equally compatible, Unequally superior. Create once and run anywhere. A tool that can be easily adapted onto multiple platforms – Android, iOS, devices, simulators, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, all major browsers etc.

We help you to Deliver value at high performance

  • Continuous business feedback and improvement
  • Built-in and automated performance
  • Optimized applications for business and customer value
  • A collaborative and interactive team focused on quality

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