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Hand-written Text Data Collection

Get fit-for-purpose handwritten data for your AI product in 120+ languages

Boosting your AI camera to recognize English written in hundreds of styles or scripts?
Improving your touchscreen product’s handwriting recognition in Chinese?
Should the scanner understand Arabic text coming from the various lands?
As your products evolve beyond typical Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for well-formatted texts, Ekit.AI is committed to help you build a superior Handwritten Recognition (HWR) or Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) system by gathering the widest possible range of high-quality handwriting training data in record time. Our handwriting image training datasets are well-annotated, allowing your Computer Vision algorithm to extract all characters’ versions and interpret intelligible handwritten input from sources such as paper documents, photographs, touch screens, or any other device. Thus, ekit.AI enables your product to deliver best-in-class text comprehension in any style and 120+ languages.

Advances in Deep Learning in recent years have greatly improved and standardized the process to build your HWR / HTR systems. But with lack of high-quality training data for many languages and scripts, your research team may find it daunting to make progress. Only a well-trained model can bridge the yawning gap between machines and human of accurately editing, indexing, retrieving, and searching any forms of unstructured text data or image. This is where Ekit.AI comes in.
Ekit.AI collects handwritten data for computer vision, pattern recognition, and machine learning solutions in over 120+ languages. Our expertise and experience work parallel with your specifications to collect handwriting data for your diverse platforms covering wide demographics and languages.

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