Voice AI Services

Custom Speech Data Collection

Get fit-for-purpose speech datasets for your Machine Learning algorithm in 120+ languages

Does your product’s voice bot and voice assistant
need to serve a wider
need to capture a global
need to target a bigger
need to market to a diverse
consumer market?

All advanced instant messengers and voice-enabled applications require advanced level of natural language processing (NLP) to infuse their linguistic interfaces. Hence, the computer or machines need to understand and learn human languages exactly the way we do.

The practice of collecting speech data from real-world environment and scenarios such as capturing various regional dialects, speech patterns, accents, cadence, and other speech distinctions and behaviors are the foundation step on which machine learning (ML) algorithm are designed, and further advancements are happening.

Ekit.AI not only offer offers end-to-end speech data collection solutions but also stand shoulder to shoulder with the clients to ensure the specification meets the result.

We are equipped to undertake the project of any length from in-field data collection, offline data collection, transcription, and semantic analysis to ensure your voice-enabled technology is ready for a diverse and multilingual audience.

Our custom-built multilingual data management platform allows our clients to access their data and the associated metadata in no time via an easy-to-use API.


Every project is unique in its nature and the requirement. Few projects have extremely specific participant requirements with a distinct recording environment to collect the audio data, and few, with minimal or more straightforward requirement; however, with a quick turn around and or more significant sample size. We plan our resources and technology to meet projects of all shapes and sizes.
No matter what the scope and scale of your speech data collection project, Ekit.AI can custom-tailor a collection solution to suit your needs.

Conversational Data Collection Services

Does the conversational interactive voice response need
more accent data
better sample points
to train on?
Seamless conversational speech plays a pivotal role in building and inviting users to interact with today’s modern technology like chatbot, voice assistant, or speech-enabled device.
Ekit.AI specialized in custom collecting conversational data collection to support business systems. We assist with text chat transcripts, phone conversation but are not restricted to these, we are just a call away for any customized solution. We also offer full annotation, classification, and labeling services.

Does this match your requirements, check out our Data Services page for full details?


We provide both in-field and crowd -sourced data collection services to record real conversation which is exactly as per your business needs.
We are spread globally to ensure your data demand gets fulfilled from any part of the world and within given turnaround time.
We have traveled over 27 countries worldwide for our data collection projects, collecting speech data from more than 18,500 participants. Contact us to learn more.




Text to Speech Data and Evaluation

We will give voice to your system which enhances accessibility and enhances customer experience. From Auto Industry to learning organization, we make sure the voice matches your customer expectations with utmost accuracy.
We collect the speech data you need to build your system and evaluate its accuracy across languages and dialects.


AI technologies and Machine learning are the new ways to go forward, in this journey we assist organizations on their text to speech and evaluation. Our subject matter experts ensure that accuracy and natural essence of the languages are maintained. Text to speech help companies to attain excellent customer service through chatbots, or any interface.

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