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Zendesk CRM
for the smart sellers

Focus ONLY on your customer relationship 

While your team focus on customer relationship, Zendesk Sell
will help you capture the right information at a single place so that you have it all.

Multiplying revenue made easy 

Let the team focus on revenue while Zendesk handles back-end tasks like email integration, automation, alerts, and targeted email follow-ups using automation for improved efficiency. 


Manage leads and contacts efficiently 

Integrate your Sales and Support functions to facilitate seamless exchange of valuable insights. Streamline your lead, contact, and account information on a single screen for efficient management and coordination between sales and support teams.  

Visibility across Pipeline  

No end quarter report hustle anymore! Let Zendesk keep it ready
for you along with the prediction with advanced analytics to set the mark.


Sunshine is a versatile and user-friendly no-code platform that enables you to effortlessly connect with all your customer data, regardless of where it’s stored. It offers a quick and robust solution, giving you the flexibility and freedom to create exactly what you need. 


Let your customer feel free  

Create personalized, interactive messaging by bringing together all the platforms and set the customer free to choose a platform to reach you. 

No code with Sunshine  

Let your agent adapt Zendesk tailored interface with no code configuration. Integrate Support with your app, website or tool with Zendesk SDKs. 


Automation & Intelligence to ramp-up productivity  

Improve the productivity of your agent and make your customer experience better with plenty of automation options and faster resolution. 

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