Zendesk Managed Services

Build Better Customer Relationships

Zendesk provides an omni-channel route for any business to stay connected with end customers. Irrespective of what medium the end user is in, Zendesk helps to pipe all communication to a central hub. With all the products and services inside Zendesk suite, we can delight the user with premium experience and seamless connectivity. Not to state the obvious, businesses need Zendesk as a customer engagement tool.

If you do not have know-how, time, resources, inclination available to manage your Zendesk instance like it should be managed, we offer a done-for-you managed service for your Zendesk environment. Trust us when we say that “We have done everything when it comes to Zendesk – Setups, custom integration, API creation, custom apps, optimization, well you name it”. With our experienced team, you can stay confident in technical part & can devote your time in where it matters most – Business Growth.

Why us as Zendesk Services Partners?

  • We’ll thoroughly review your current Zendesk configuration
  • We will make all the needed recommendations that can turn your customer handling seamless
  • As per business needs, we will make changes in your Zendesk environment
  • We will provide advice on customer service and CX principles
  • We will provide you with add-on coaching
  • Support will always be accessible with timely SLAs

With such a long time in Zendesk services and after closing more than 50 projects on the same, we are confident that our team will help you attain best level of consumer engagement and more. You can always book a consultation with us and try it out.

Zendesk Managed Services

Zendesk Implementation

Our team of certified Zendesk professionals will manage your Zendesk development, implementation, and customization needs

Zendesk Customization

Our development team will work with you for extending and customizing the environment as per need

Zendesk Training

We provide Zendesk training onsite with your team or through remote applications, such as Zoom, Skype, or other remote-based platforms.

Zendesk Support

We provide timely and incident driven support for all your day to day issues

Zendesk Integration

As per need we can integrate your business application with Zendesk for continuous betterment of the process

Zendesk Data Migration

Be it for BI tools, data warehousing or just for ETL operations, we can provide you with data migrations for Zendesk environments

Zendesk Custom Apps

We often need custom functionality to be added to our Zendesk setup. We cover the development part of it

CX Design & Strategy

From time to time we review the environment & will provide advice on customer service and CX principles

Everything Zendesk & Beyond

We provide detailed service and product offerings on complete Zendesk suite


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