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Answer Bot

Find the zendesk answer bot chat services

Zendesk answer bot chat

The only thing easier than self-service

Answer bot chat works right alongside your support team by using machine learning to help answer your customers’ questions. With content from your Zendesk answer bot chat service Guide knowledge base, Answer Bot suggests articles to your customers to resolve their issues. Answer Bot is multilingual and works across a variety of channels to get the job done.

Respond to customers instantly

Tell Answer Bot which support issues you want
it to respond to. It gets to work immediately, delivering efficient customer support.

Always be consistent and reliable

Answer Bot leverages your Zendesk Guide knowledge base to curate answers for your customers. It even learns from its own mistakes.

Works with your support team

Free up your agents’ time so they can focus on what they do best—solving complex problems and building better customer relationships.

How it works

A customer has a question

When a customer contacts your business, Answer Bot steps in to help — scanning the text to understand what your customer needs. It will suggest relevant articles to address the issue at hand and works across various channels like web, mobile, and Slack, and even has an open API.

Answers are suggested

Answer Bot works in multiple languages and uses its powerful deep learning model to find the most relevant articles. It suggests them to the customer while they wait for a response from a human agent.

A ticket is resolved

The customer reviews the articles. If an answer is found, they can mark their question as answered, and the ticket is now resolved.

Or routed back to an agent

If a customer still needs help, their question can be answered by an agent as normal. Feedback is automatically collected to improve future suggestions.

Built with extensive research and cutting-edge technology

Zendesk answer bot chat was created by a team of Zendesk data scientists and engineers using the latest machine learning and deep learning technologies. Answer Bot recognizes customer questions using natural language processing technology and leverages past customer interactions to provide accurate automated responses with relevant knowledge-based articles.


of customers agree that Answer Bot saves their support team time by covering questions that don’t need a human touch*


of customers agree that getting started with Answer Bot is easy, simple, and flexible*

“We want our customers to write in and reach out whenever they need help. Answer Bot helps our support team help our customers self-serve and get their responses faster.”

Dollar Shave Club

12% Self-service resolution with Answer Bot

96% CSAT

Find the zendesk answer bot chat services


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