A fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real time

Chat can increase customer satisfaction, improve agent productivity, and boost sales.

of shoppers will abandon their online purchase if they can't find a quick answer

Chat lets you offer customers support in real-time and in context, whether it’s on your website or in your mobile app.

of consumers welcome proactive assistance when they encounter problems

Proactively engage customers on your website using chat triggers and help solve their problem

Chat creates a personal connection with customers looking for support

Customers see a 25% improvement in agent performance on interactions over chat

84% of customers said that they improved their overall customer satisfaction by using Chat

Chat can increase sales conversions by up to 29%

Reach your customers instantly

Support customers in real-time and in context, on the web, on mobile, and via messaging

Build relationships

Serve and build relationships with many customers at once

Drive revenue and growth

Engage customers proactively and convert them into a lead or a sale

Scale your team

Workflow and management features let you mitigate risk and scale strategically

Chat works great by itself and seamlessly with Zendesk Support

Market Leadership and Scalability

With 100,000+ customers, Zendesk can grow with businesses of any size, from small companies to large enterprise teams.

Ease of Use & Implementation

Effortless and intuitive to use, setup takes days, not months, which means less training and lower costs overall
Integrated into Zendesk Support, agents can seamlessly switch between serving chats, phone calls, emails, or social media

Cross-platform flexibility

Chat’s mobile and web SDKs allows businesses to add live chat support to any website or mobile app

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