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Zendesk Explore provides analytics for businesses to measure and improve the entire customer experience.

Let data lead the way

Building the best customer experience works better when it’s driven by data. With Zendesk Explore, you get instant access to the customer analytics that matter and the deeper understanding of your customers and business that comes with it.

The expertise is included

Explore comes packed with pre-built analytics to give your business the metrics that matter, right out of the box.

Customize where it counts

When you’re ready to really own it you can build personalized charts and dashboards, fit for your business.

Show what you know

Explore has intuitive collaboration options that make it easy to share insights and analysis with the entire team or company.

“Since I’ve started building queries and dashboards in Explore, I’ve managed to solve for all of the pain points I had with reporting. Turns out, the main things I needed are things you were already thinking about!”

Justine Matison

Director of Customer Service and Support at Lever

Best practices, built in

Let Explore show you the way

Explore comes with best practice dashboards and analysis built in, so teams of any size get the metrics that help them track towards success. You can analyze team performance, take stock of operational metrics, or get a better understanding of your customer experience. No matter what it is, Explore has a dashboard to get it done.

Customizable analytics

Make it your own

Your business is unique, so your reporting should be too. With thousands of customization options, you can make every chart and dashboard your own. And anyone can do it you—don’t need to be a data expert to get the most out of Explore.

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