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Sunshine Conversations Zendesk

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Sunshine Conversations Zendesk: The messaging platform for conversational business

Sunshine Conversations Zendesk lets you unify messages from every channel into a single conversation, and build interactive messaging experiences anywhere.

Engage in one conversation, across every channel

Be where your customers are with a continuous conversation across channels.

Build modern messaging into any application

Integrate a modern messaging experience natively into your brand’s website and mobile apps.

Deliver interactive user experiences at scale

Go beyond simple live chat with AI, bots, and integrated apps for conversational business at scale.

Share conversations across your business

Break down silos with a unified conversation that can be shared across sales, support, and marketing.

Be where your customers are

Sunshine Conversations Zendesk help you engage customers on their favorite channels, across social, web, and mobile messaging.

Deliver interactive messaging

With Sunshine Conversations, you can go beyond simple live chat with AI, bots, and integrated apps for conversational business at scale.

Powering conversations for the world’s leading brands

When it came to building a global messaging solution that would connect guests with our colleagues on the property, we wanted to ensure that our guests could message us on their preferred channel and in their preferred language. Sunshine Conversations Zendesk was the only platform that met all of our global requirements and allowed us to provide a truly personalized service that is safe and secure.

Marco Trecorce, Senior VP & CIO

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