Padah Solutions

 Zendesk Sell Implementation

Start Right, Start Smart!

Businesses should not be risked! You can’t grow business without visibility, and visibility cannot be gained without the satisfaction insights from your customer. And satisfaction insights depend up on CRM and no CRM can deliver it without right configuration.   


So, what do you need for the right configuration? 

Perhaps, a detailed understanding of your PAIN POINTS and BUSINESS PROCESS!
That is where you’ll need us. You’ll need Zendesk Sell.


By rightly drilling down to the core of your pain points, Padah has had successfully implemented Zendesk Sell CRM to many such customers like you till date. And how? Well, our process starts with requirement analysis to hear you out first and then conclude your pain points.

After concluding your pain points, we create a working model, test it, and later adapt it to suit your business needs the best.


While you focus on your business, let Zendesk Sell deliver analytics for you! With analytics and dashboard, your team can benefit from CRM to check live status, track areas that needs more focus, follow up for daily/weekly/quarterly reports.

Click here to see how Zendesk Sell has transformed so many business processes.