Padah Solutions

About us

Padah, the very name rooted in Sanskrit, evokes the essence of success. As its meaning suggests, Padah is all about traversing the path towards triumph. With a customer-centric approach, Padah walks alongside its clients, guiding them towards their ultimate goals. Together, we forge ahead on the journey towards success. 

Mission & Vision

Padah’s mission and vision go hand in hand – the heart of our goal beats in creating success stories not just for our customers, but for the people too. Embracing change as an ally, Padah takes ownership of its promises, walking alongside its clients every step of the way.  

Our story

Padah Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a passionate team of innovators who believe that technology is more than just a tool; it’s a way to change the world. Our mission is to empower businesses to achieve their goals by providing the right processes and technologies. With a dedicated focus on DevOps, ITSM, Agile Project Management, CI/CD, and Help Desk Solutions, Padah Solutions has successfully delivered over 50 projects to more than 100 satisfied customers across the globe.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we approach each project with a hunger to innovate, to go above and beyond what’s expected, and to deliver nothing but the best. Our strategic partnerships with Atlassian and Zendesk allow us to offer immediate solutions and industry best practices to our clients.

At Padah Solutions, the customers are more than just clients; we’re partners on a journey to success. That’s why we offer a complete engagement journey, from consultation to post-implementation support, ensuring that our clients get the most value out of the solutions. With decades of industry experience and expertise, Padah Solutions is a trusted partner for businesses looking to embrace the power of technology and drive meaningful change. 

Our Goals

Padah’s goal is to transcend the limitations of mere “tool automation” and usher in a new era of “business automation”. Drawing on our extensive knowledge across a multitude of industries and cutting-edge automation platforms, we strive to redefine what’s possible and help our clients achieve their loftiest goals. So why settle for automation that merely streamlines tasks when you can partner with Padah and automate your entire business? 


Awards as “Rising Star Partner of the Year – 2021” by Atlassian

APAC’s first representative in Atlassian Partner Advisory Council

100% successful project delivery

Recognized as a premium implementation partner by Zendesk and the most reliable to deliver complex projects

Fastest achiever of Gold Partner Status within 6 months and Platinum Partner within a year for Atlassian

Our Awards


Our Leaders


Chief Executive Office & Co - Founder

Cater 25+ year’s proficiency in SI, Banking, Applications & Software Business have deep understanding of various BPM aspects & overall Technology solutions. As the CEO, Setting up Padah’s Vision and creating functional structure to support the same. Strategies on USP, GTM- Sales & Marketing, Operations, Growth management with overall Business Functions.


Chief Technical Officer & Co - Founder

With 13+ years of proficiency, Shashank as CTO is responsible for setting the vision how technology will be used in company and should be projected to clients. He has to ensure that the technological resources meet company’s shot term & long term needs. He consult and solution for clients to deliver.